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Anonymous: How did you manage to style the the back open check midi dress without a bra visible? Or if there wasn't one can you suggest how to have the support without it being visible? I've got one and it bothers me its visible

Hey! Try transparent straps for the bra or you can get strapless gel nude bra from a shop. Second option is more expensive but works well! Hope this is helpful :) THE WHITEPEPPER  

rose-salad: Is there anything you guys created that I hated? If so, I have not seen it so far! ;)

Thank you so much for the kind words and support! xx Followed :)  

suhunnies: do you guys have a catalog that i can subscribe to?

Please visit our website to order our free magazines. Unfortunately all magazines are out of stock at the moment so please look out next one! Thanks, THE WHITEPEPPER 

5fiv: Great tumblr! :)

We love your tumblr too! Great stuff :) followed x